The Friendly Indians – “The Theme Park Song” Live

Beaches, palm trees, sunsets and theme parks.

If you’re young and living in Orange County there is a good chance you’re going to work at a theme park. We here at MTN have pulled our share of theme park duty (the one with the Monorail). Hey? Why didn’t you just name it? Well, as the Indians put it – “I cannot name or give the location, because I do not want to face civil litigation.”

Bret was the lucky one, he worked the Jungle Cruise. That’s right. He got to say great lines like “Hello, everyone. I’d like to welcome you aboard the world-famous Jungle Cruise. My name is Bret and I’ll be your skipper for as far as we get.” What a lucky, lucky man. While he was shooting cap guns at fiberglass hippos, I was untangling crashed R/C cars at the hotel. Some nights I still wake up in a cold sweat with visions of the carnage I’ve witnessed.

Like us, a couple of the Indians worked at the same park and have a song about it. Be sure to catch our previous post -  The Friendly Indians – “I Know, You Know”.

We wish we had better audio of it, so much so for future productions we just purchased new equipment to up the quality of the sound and video .

You can find The Friendly Indians music on iTunesPure Genius, and Greetings…From Lake Dolores.

You can keep up with The Friendly Indians at their website, as well as on Twitter and Facebook.

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